The Forced End of a Tradition

It has long been the tradition of a large mid-western university to hold a televised auction each spring to support public broadcasting.  This auction has been a mainstay of support for the past 35+ years.  However, the university recently reached a tough decision to end this fund raising effort because of a growing negative return on investment.  This is a major blow to their financial situation as well as the on going livelihood of the program.  Over the past 3 years, the auction has been able to raise over $150,000. 

So how will the university be able to replace this influx of support?  In the current economy what are other organizations of any size doing to counter this growing challenge?  How are you being affected?  This is not a new problem, nor merely a local blow.  Non-profits all across the country are being forced to answer hard questions of how to generate revenue while keeping administration and overhead costs at a bare minimum.

How about a ray of sunshine and an idea that works?  What if there was an option that generated real, sustainable income?  What if anyone could participate, the program was self-funding and self-maintaining, and applicable to any non-profit organization.  (At this point, any organization that does not have a need for a single dollar more please stop reading.  Everyone else, read on!)

Awareness Home Funding gives $250 to any 501(c)3 organization that our clients specify when their home loan closes.  That’s it!  Think about this.  Interest rates are at an all time low, there are plenty of homes to choose from, and home buying credits are still in effect.  We handle your supporter’s home loan (and by the way, we do what we do very well) and they tell us about you.  After the loan closes, we have $250 going your way.  But it doesn’t just end there – this is a sustainable program after all.  Your supporters know people.  They have families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, associations and long time relationships.  Anyone they tell about this program is now a source of support for you.  Suddenly, ‘going viral’ has mass appeal.

Today, generating support for an organization is so much more than candy bars and televised auctions.  You need a partner, who cares about you, your cause, your community; a company with support for your home and your heart.  Contact us today and let us start working for you.


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