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If You have Wings…Use Them!

March 17, 2011

It’s funny sometimes the lessons that nature can teach you.  Just watch some of the critters in your neighborhood sometime and you will be amazed.

A couple of weeks ago West Michigan was provided one of those rare early spring days where the sun was shining warmly and there was only a slight breeze.  I decided to eat my lunch at a local park and enjoy a few moments of quiet.  As I surveyed the area I looked out over the small pond taking notice of the large gathering of ducks huddled tightly in the one area of open water no longer covered with ice.  Since this is quite the hangout for the city duck population I quickly noticed several other smaller gatherings.

However I was particularly drawn to a quant group of four.  They busily made their way up the lawn and into the parking lot, rounding my vehicle in search of whatever morsel intrigues a duck these days.  Their self-guided tour eventually led them to the other side of my vehicle and a small ridge of now icy snow melt.

Surveying the obstacle before them, the first duck steadily climbed to the top and then proceeded down the other side in the most self-controlled, not to be outdone, Shaun White take some notes slide.  This duck was cool! 

The second duck could not see what lay on the other side of this ridge, but was able to surmise that his friend had indeed done so safely.  Duck #2 climbed to the top, confirmed the status of his cool friend and also slid down to the other side.  While his performance was not nearly so stylized or even controlled he did reach the bottom with all feathers and dignity still in tack.

Then it was time for duck #3.  Duck #3 struggled some to reach to top of the obstacle but after some exertion did manage to do so.  At this point duck #3 began to study the surroundings.  There was a little lean to the right, a lean to the left and slight tilt forward and then a whole lot of roll.  We’re talking tail feathers over beak, complete summersault, look-out below, crash landing spectacle.  Once this poor creature reached the bottom there was a great ruffling of feathers in an attempt to regain whatever shred of dignity remained.  It was a sight.

Now the remaining fourth duck could not see the sight that lay before from it’s vantage point.  The fourth duck only knew that 3 ducks had climbed up, disappeared and miraculously waited on the other side.  Duck #4 paused from a moment.  I could tell this was going to be good.  Suddenly with great grace, poise and ingenious thinking, duck #4 flapped its wings, took off into the air and gently landed in the middle of the other 3.  If a picture says a thousand words, the look on this duck’s face spoke volumes.

The obvious question raised (after laughing loudly of course) was did you forget?  We’re ducks!  We can fly!

How often do we forget our own abilities, skills or natural talents?  How often have we just simply followed the crowd, without thinking that there may be another way? 

Don’t forget the natural strengths and power you already possess.  We all have our own set of “wings”.  Use them!