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You Say it Best

April 27, 2010

“After comparing quotes from 3 mortgage companies, we chose Awareness.  Not only were their fees substantially less, they provided us with great service.  In order to get our home we needed them to work with a tight time crunch.  They were friendly and very easy to talk to, gave us options, and answered all our questions.  When they donated $250 to our church, we were pleased to see how much they care about the community.”  –Carrie

“My mortgage officer at Awareness Home Funding was there for us, answering questions and making sure things ran smoothly all the way through our closing.”  -Lisa

Have you ever watched a commercial where a product or service was given glowing endorsements and wondered if the actor or celebrity was really a satisfied customer?  While the ad creates interest does it instill trust?  Now what if your friend, relative, or co-worker told you about a company and the service they provided.  You would probably be inclined to believe the endorsement.  Why?  Trust.  We trust those we have a relationship with.  We trust those who are like us, and view the world much the same way we do.

This is why we want to share what others have to say about us.  We could just create a bunch of flowery marketing pieces, but unless they share real sentiment it doesn’t carry real value.

We strive to give you our best, to be honest, to work to meet your goals and to keep your interests in front.  We want you to feel comfortable referring your friends, relatives, co-workers, and charity supporters to us.  Growing our business by referrals means we can continue to give back to the communities we serve.  Referrals mean money won’t be spent on elaborate ad campaigns or towering corporate offices.  Referrals mean more $250 donations will be made to your favorite charity when a loan is closed.

Please help us to continue to support your important non-profit causes by referring your friends, relatives, co-workers and charity supporters that might need our help to purchase or refinance their home.

“My home loan specialists at Awareness Home Funding are the most competent, on top of it people that I have ever worked with.  I say this even though I purchased a repossessed home that was in foreclosure and as a result, it had many complications with the red tape and paperwork.  I would recommend Awareness to my family and friends any time.”  -Richard

The Power of Suggestion

December 13, 2009

“We just wanted to write and say, ‘thank you’ for all
your hard work in helping us buy our new home.  We are
so excited about our new life together in our new home.”
– The Wilson’s

Everyone knows how powerful a word can be.  Yes, as the saying goes, at times talk is cheap.  But the impact behind those suggestions and ideas from another can be invaluable.  Where we go, what we wear, and how we act, are often influenced by the suggestion of another.  Add to the equation, the variable of that suggestion coming from someone like yourself – someone you trust – and you have a mighty force to contend with.

This is why the feedback we receive from our clients is treated like gold.  We can tell you we are a trustworthy company, but having that recommendation come from someone who has gone through the process is more meaningful.  It has the “wow” factor that actually carries some weight.

 “Thank you so much for all of your help throughout this entire process!  You have been so helpful and I appreciate you so much!”
– Margie

If you have shared your experience with Awareness Home Funding with us and others, thank you.  If not, why not now? We invite you to post your own thoughts on our company, our staff or on the service we provide.  Our goal is to continually develop a life long friendship.

“Thank you for all your hard work with my loan application.  If I hear of anyone looking for financing I’ll send them your way.”