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The Awareness Works 4 U program and You

April 19, 2010

As you read our blog or visit our website you hopefully get a sense that we really do have a passion for helping others.  We want our company to look far beyond the bottom line and at how we can strengthen our communities.  We feel the most effective way is to support organizations that are already doing that.

Our Awareness Works 4 U program is very simple.  When we close a home loan, we make a $250 donation to a non-profit organization that our client chooses.  The idea is to create a complete circle of support.  We make a donation to an organization to help them continue their work.  The organization continues to touch lives making positive impacts.  Those involved with the organization (as a volunteer or member) connect with us to help them with their home loan needs; and more donations to the organization are made.  The cycle is endless.

The obvious question that many have asked is how we really do this.  Where does that $250 come from?  What portion do our clients pay for?

The truth?  Our clients don’t pay a dime for this program; it comes from us and our profits.  We could use this money for large corporate offices in high rise buildings, but we don’t.  We could use this money for elaborate advertising campaigns, but we won’t.  We could use this money for lavish yearly bonuses, but that just doesn’t seem right. 

The saying that, “to those that much is given, much is expected in return,” seems to fit.  We have found that there is huge reward in helping others.  And when we do, the benefits are always returned.  This is not just our program, but yours as well.  Do you have a favorite charity?  Tell us about them!  We are licensed to handle home loans in 5 states, but we have supported organizations nationwide. 

Help us continue to support your communities by referring your friends, relatives and co-workers that might need our help to purchase or refinance their home and keep the circle of support going. You’ll be glad you did, and so will the people you ultimately help.

Everyone Wins With More

January 13, 2010

The base of support for most non-profit organizations is comprised of two similar, yet very distinct groups.  The first group covers about 15% of your members that fund nearly 85% of your annual budget.  The second group contains 85% of your members providing the remaining 15%, an equally important part of your support.  However, what if you could empower the 85% majority to significantly increase their overall level of giving without increasing their personal donations?

Our Awareness Works 4 U program can do just that.  The only requirement to receiving a $250 donation from us is for a client to mention your name when asked.  The power of a suggestion to a relative, friend or colleague never had more impact.  You have just given anyone associated with your program a painless way to raise more money, without you having to ask for more.  Talk about a win-win-win situation!

You win because your supporters now have another reason to tell others about you. Our clients win with a great home loan experience.  The community wins because we have pooled our resources to make it a better place for everyone.

Let us give your supporters a new reason to share you with others today.  Contact us today!

866-98-AWARE or

Playing Santa Claus

January 8, 2010

Okay, so technically Christmas is over and Santa is no longer making his rounds, but this week we had the privilege of making donations to 5 area non-profit organizations.  When you are able to give to this many organizations at one time, it does feel like Christmas regardless of the date on the calendar.  Following are the organizations we supported and little about the work each one does.

The Children’s Assessment Center was started in 1991 by the Grand Rapids Chief of Police to serve the needs of sexually abused children. Here, in a child-friendly, safe environment, children are evaluated, counseled and supported by a staff of highly trained individuals at no cost.   In addition, the staff provides training and education for parents and those who work with children.  In the midst of a crisis situation, they offer hope and healing. The support and compassion this group has is amazing!  To learn more visit them at:

The Grand Rapids Griffins Youth Foundation also has a heart for kids.  They teach “teamwork, commitment, generosity, academic achievement, goal-setting, perseverance and good health…not to mention some hockey” to underprivileged and at-risk youth in the community.  They offer hockey instruction and games for kids in 1st through 9th grades.  Almost 300 kids participate each year at no cost to them (or their parents).  If you know a child who would like to get involved check them out at: Sled Wings game is scheduled for January 12th at Griff’s Ice House.

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks focuses their attention on maintaining and expanding parks and public spaces in Grand Rapids, MI.  With organized events their goal is “to help Grand Rapids rebuild and sustain an exceptional system of parks and public spaces and, by extension, increase home values, improve citizen health, safeguard air and water quality and strengthen the community’s ability to retain and attract residents, businesses and visitors.” From January 11-16 they have a build week scheduled for a Bike Park.  Visit for the details and how you can get involved.

C-SNIP works to solve the imbalance in the number of puppies and kittens born every day compared to the number of homes available to accept them. C-SNIP believes that “Pet sterilization is the solution to a problem that drains communities both emotionally and financially.  Until every dog and cat born is assured of a safe and caring home, this essential surgery must be available to everyone.  C-SNIP is making that happen by providing pet owners with a spay/neuter clinic with prices they can afford.”  Their website ( explains more about their passion and ways to get involved.  Coming up in February is an event, Bow-Wow’s & Brews for you and your pup.  Check it out!

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services provides support to help those who cannot hear well, adapt to daily life.  They educate individuals and companies about how to better serve deaf and hard of hearing consumers and employees.  Their wide range of specific services include: providing interpreters, career development, and sign language and lip-reading classes.  These efforts have gained them a reputation for excellence and caring.  A Euchre Tournament is planned for February 27!   Visit their website ( for more details about this event or others like the weekly support group meeting on Tuesday evenings.   

If you are, or know of, a non-profit organization that works to better the lives of people in your community please let us know.  We’d love to be able to give you a donation too.  (Our ‘Santa’ works year round.)       

All The Time!

December 11, 2009

What if you could only use something that you heavily relied on for a limited time?  For example, what if you only had access to your car two times a year?  You would plan and organize your schedule to make the absolute most out of that limited opportunity.  However, when you need something on a continual, consistent basis, having access to that only a couple times a year does not make the most sense.  Isn’t it ironic then that most fund raising campaigns are structured this way?

As a non-profit organization you need financial support on a year round basis.  Most fund-raisers have your oganization racing full speed for that seasonal push of support.  Unfortunately, other organizations like yours are doing the exact same thing, at the exact same time.  The competition for donation dollars becomes exceedingly fierce.

Enter the Awareness Works 4 U  program.  Our program faithfully works for you every day of the year.  There is no agenda to plan or organize, no staff to coordinate or schedule.  Forget about food to order, venues to book or promotions to execute.  Every day the Awareness Works 4 U program keeps your organization and your cause in front of supporters and their contacts.  How many fund-raisers can do that for you?

This is where we make a real difference.  Allow us to partner with you to provide ongoing, continuous support.  Send us an email at or call us at 866-982-9273.