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4 + 6 = 148

May 25, 2010

Allow us to introduce you to a new way of thinking about math.  Not the standard adding and subtracting, but the exponential growth that occurs when like minded people each take small steps in the same direction. 

This past winter we had the opportunity to share 4 hockey tickets.  We ran a promotion on Facebook and were amazed at the results.  We knew we were on to something and had yet another way to support charitable organizations.

Then last month we were introduced to George Hofacker.  George owns and operates a local lawn and garden equipment company and had been giving vouchers for tickets to see the Whitecaps, a local minor league baseball team, to his customers.  After the last baseball season he still had quite a few ticket vouchers available … 148 of them.  George graciously donated the vouchers to Awareness Home Funding.  Our thought was to invite area charitable organizations – their staff, volunteers and supporters – to the game as a way of saying thank you for all the work they do to make our community better. 

The first step was to exchange the vouchers for actual tickets.  At first the Whitecaps told us they could only provide us with 6 tickets.  Then we shared the story of our company, of how we give back with $250 donations to a charity every time we close a home loan.  We shared our intentions to not just share these tickets with anyone, but with someone’s who also give back.  The Whitecaps are a community minded organization and they instantly understood.  Those 6 tickets quickly turned into 148 tickets.  Every voucher was honored.

The game was perfect.  The weather was sunny and warm; the Whitecaps won their opening game; and friends, relatives, co-workers and supporters from 8 different organizations shared common stories and experiences.

Perhaps the most amazing part is how the story is still continuing.  After the game we made two more donations, one to an organization that was at the game that afternoon and another to George’s favorite charity.   George introduced us to the Walker chapter of the AMBUCS.  The AMBUCS are an inspiring group of local business people that also share our passion to give back and build communities – one person at a time.  Since meeting the Walker AMBUCS, they have introduced us to more groups. 

This is the power of exponential math.  This is what happens when like minded people share: ideas, contacts, goals and aspirations.  Did you know we give a $250 donation to your favorite charity when we close your home loan?  Who would you like to introduce us to?

Does it Really Matter?

December 23, 2009

This is the time of year when charitable organizations seem to be doing their best to let us know about their causes.  This is also the time of year when perhaps we think the most about giving.  Maybe it’s because of the time we spend with family and friends that those with a need weigh heavily upon our hearts and minds.  But do you ever have the wondering doubt about whether your efforts even make a difference?  Does my single donation really matter?

In a word, yes!  Yes, your individual contributions do matter to these organizations – not only the monetary ones, but gifts of time and sharing about the organization with others.  However there is a way to help your own efforts go further. 

You’ve heard the acronym for team – Together Each Accomplishes More.  That thinking is exactly how collectively our individual contributions of money and time and effort make a real meaningful and significant impact.  A “Parade” magazine article written by actor, Matt Damon talks about his efforts to encourage others to work together in support of various causes.

If I give to a cause, I am one person who cares and provides support.  However, if I tell 10 friends about a cause or organization or need and we each give, now both financial support and the level of understanding has changed dramatically – even if the individual amount given is only a couple of dollars or your time.  There are now 10 people who care; will tell others; will get involved.  This is not only the thought behind teamwork, but also the growing concept of “micro-philanthropy”. 

We can’t all write checks for thousands of dollars, but we can work together to pool our resources, channel our efforts and share ideas to help others.  With everyone doing a little part, the work gets done, the effort is made, someone is helped and we have all played a part.

Check out our website ( and see how we can help you join the efforts of others like yourself to make a difference in an organization you care about.