About Us

This blog is brought to you by the home loan specialists at Awareness Home Funding.   We are a unique lender with real solutions for your home and your heart. 

For those interested in home ownership, we work to help you understand your home loan throughout the entire process and beyond.  How?  First, we offer proven options for Conventional, FHA, VA and Rural Development home loans.  No gimmicks or the latest fad loans.  Second, we are not paid based on a commission.  We work for you.  This keeps us focused on what really matters – you and what’s best for your needs.  We handle your personal transactions as if they were our own.  Third, Awareness Home Funding offers very competitive rates and fees with respect for your right to be informed and treated fairly.  We hope to provide you with tips, advice, insider information and details that some mortgage companies might not even want you to know. 

Perhaps our biggest difference is that our company is based on the concept of giving back to the communities we serve in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.  In addition to helping our borrowers find a loan fit exactly to their needs, we help support the charitable organizations that make a community strong.  We believe in being a part of your life and that a home loan company should be supporting our communities because we choose to, not just to meet government criteria.  If you have the need for a home loan, we can help you and your favorite charity.  We call our program Awareness Works 4 U.  Through it, we are proud to donate $250 to a non-profit organization of your choice when your loan is closed.  This program applies to all our home loan programs, purchase or refinance.  In addition to the financial support, we provide our partners marketing support free of charge.  Our goal is to develop a true cross promotion that benefits everyone and protects the brand identity that an organization has developed.  So for non-profit organizations we hope to offer an avenue for letting others know about your mission and passions.

We hope you’ll follow us by subscribing to this blog and share the information we post with the people and organizations you care about.

One Response to “About Us”

  1. Crystal Says:

    Today, much to my surprise, I noticed that you left a lovely, lovely comment on my entry in the IMA’s blog contest. Just wanted to thank you for your kind remarks. It’s truly amazing when someone like you takes the time to do something so nice for someone who is a complete stranger. Thank you so very much for this kindness. I hope that you will visit the IMA someday. It’s right in my back yard and it’s a true treasure. Maybe I’ll do the same in Grand Rapids someday!


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