Valentine’s Day…a Little Something for Everyone

Valentine’s Day has long been known as the ‘holiday’ for love and lovers.  Yet this is no Hallmark event despite the history of Saint Valentine, the patron saint for whom the day is named, being a little vague.  There are three primary legends to contend with. 

One legend weaves a tale of a priest who valiantly defied Emperor Claudius II’s decree that young men remained unmarried so that they would be more focused soldiers in his army.  Rumor has it that he continued to perform marriages in secret until he was martyred.  Another story paints Valentine as a rogue agent helping Christians escape the ruthless treatment they faced in Roman prisons.  The third account suggests that the young Valentine was responsible for starting the tradition of valentine cards by writing a letter to his jailor’s daughter whom he had fallen in love with.  Regardless of the story you find most accurate, Saint Valentine was a heroic figure sympathetic to the appeal of romantic love.

Today, nearly 192 million cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day ranking second only to Christmas cards; and a figure that doesn’t include the cards traded in classrooms around the world.  Interestingly though, despite our desire to tell our loved ones how we feel about them, over half of us procrastinate in finding the perfect card until just before the day.

Don’t forget the flowers though.  Last year an estimated 198 million roses were produced for this single day.  After roses – carnations, tulips, orchids and lilies were other favorites chosen to express affection, desire, admiration and love.

Now if candy, specifically chocolate is more your taste you are not alone with over $1 billion being spent on chocolate confections of all styles, shapes, sizes and combinations for the occasion.  And, while 75% of all chocolate purchases are made by women throughout the year, at Valentine’s 75% of the purchases are made my men.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention one other top gift choice for the holiday – jewelry.  Sales of these sparkling baubles easily approach $3 billion during the month of February.

No matter how you choose the spend Valentine’s Day this year, let the people you love know that you care about them and how much they mean to you.  Your honest and sincere words will have more value than anything else.

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