Rewarding Benefits

This past spring we posted an article titled, “Paying It Forward”.  Besides the obvious theme based on the title, we touched on the fact that giving benefits both the receiver and giver because helping someone else is empowering.  You can read our full article, but one of the points was that paying it forward or initiating a random act of kindness isn’t about the size of the gift or act.  There is a great sense of accomplishment and goodwill when you put someone else’s needs before your own. 

This past Saturday, the Grand Rapids Press ran an article written by Debra Levi Holtz on the same topic that gives credence to our conclusions.  Based on studies conducted at UC Berkeley, people give because of a deep desire to benefit others.  The interesting part was what motivated that desire. 

For some it was because of their personality, upbringing or just personal experiences.  For others, giving was a way to earn respect and gain influence.  Giving was also found to be contagious in that people tend to give when they have been on the receiving end at one point themselves.  Why do you give?  Why do you help?  Perhaps you don’t even know why.

Regardless of the why’s though, giving is something that just offers benefits all the way around.  Whether you are blessed with the gift of hospitality and a smile that warms hearts or are able to give financially, find some way to give.  For when you empty your hands of the blessings you have received, you open yourself up to receive so much more.


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