Laura Compton

So many times people think “it’s just me…I won’t make a difference”.  Whether it’s helping a charity, a stranger or sticking up for what you think is right, one’s voice or action can make a difference.

In my neighborhood, we have a water problem.  Everyone liked to complain about it, but no one wanted to take the bull by the horns and do something about it.  They all felt that they would not get anywhere with the government bodies.  Since my property was affected the most, I couldn’t stand by and not do something.  My father always said, “If you don’t like something, then do something about it; otherwise you have no right to complain”.

So I went to countless Township meetings, took pictures, got other government agencies involved, walked the neighborhood and got signatures for a petition.  A plan is in place to install a drain in our neighborhood to alleviate the water.  It has been a long process, and my work isn’t done yet until that drain is installed.  I was one voice for the neighborhood and accomplished what others didn’t think was possible.

The same holds true in every day life.  Your actions don’t have to be large…many times it’s the small gestures that have the most impact.  The elderly lady who is a dollar or two short to pay for her groceries; the single mom down the street who could use a couple of hours for herself but can’t afford a babysitter; the lonely neighbor whose family is all gone or moved away…give the dollar or two or more so the elderly lady can eat; offer to watch the single mom’s kids so she can have a break; visit the lonely neighbor and brighten up their day.  There are so many ways to help people, whether it’s supporting a charity or just helping a neighbor.  You may not feel that these simple gestures will do much, but you would be surprised to know how much it meant to the person receiving it. 

Give of yourself and in return, life will give back to you.


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