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Pam Teachout

August 26, 2010

We would like to introduce you to another member of the Awareness Home Funding Team, Pam Teachout.  Pam is one of our Home Loan Specialists who not only helps clients with their home loans but also makes sure all your questions are answered.  Pam wanted to share her thoughts on our company and approach to customer service.

OK…I want to say something about Awareness. 

I have worked many places over the “decades” of my life….and this is one of the best companies I have worked for in terms of “doing what’s right” for the customer.  We are expected and encouraged to go the extra mile for the client.  How refreshing is that?  So many businesses today, in order to survive, have to meet “the quota”, and cut corners to get there.  That is not the philosophy here at Awareness Home Funding.  We know if we do the right thing, the business will come to us. 

Are you unable to refinance or purchase a home because life has thrown you a financial curve? What if your credit is too low and you do not qualify for a home loan?  Well, we will help you understand what you need to do to make your credit healthy again, and give you a path to get there.  We spend time with you.  We help you where it hurts.  When you are ready, and we will keep checking on your status, we do hope we can provide you with that home loan.   

Although we are a business that like all businesses needs to make money; we don’t throw you out with the bath water if you are not ready or decide not to get a home loan.  We’ll check on you later to see if your circumstances have changed.  We want to be your one stop-shopping FOR LIFE for all your mortgage needs. 

I am so proud to work for a company that TRULY has the client at heart.  Would you like to hear the icing on the cake?   Awareness Home Funding will donate $250 to the charity of the client’s choice!  How cool is that?   Personally, I have purchased and refinanced only with credit unions in the past.  I never realized there was a company out there like Awareness.  I just thought a lender would cost me more money and a credit union would not “take advantage” on one of its members.  While I do believe in what credit unions do care for their customers, they could NEVER spend the amount of time with a client the way that Awareness folks do.  They say either you are approved or not approved; that’s it.  For that matter, so do most banks and lending companies.  That is what sets us apart. 

I work for Harry Gribnitz.  And Harry, I do not mean to make you blush, but dang you are the influence that keeps this boat floating and makes me feel so good about coming to work everyday.  I get to help people get into their first home, or refinance to a lower interest rate!  But the best part is helping people “get there” if they have credit problems.  That is SO satisfying. 

An Endearing Appeal that Lingers On

August 10, 2010

The idea was to provide a little education and old-fashioned marketing to create some excitement over a product – specifically wool.  That was 1807 when Elkanah Watson first exhibited his sheep.  As with many good ideas, it grew – into annual agricultural events that are now held all across the country.  According to the Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions, there are over 3,200 fairs held in North America every year; 86 of them just in the state of Michigan.

Fairs have become a kaleidoscope of events, exhibits and competitions showcasing knowledge, experience and advancements in industry, livestock, horticulture and agriculture.  Talk about an interactive classroom!  All this on display to tantalize the senses with what our world has to offer.  Now add some rides, food and smiles all around and you have a classic event for everyone that has entertained for generations. 

The alluring and endearing appeal is part of what has kept many of us at Awareness Home Funding coming back each year.  Not just to participate in child-like wonder and awe, but to support and encourage the benefits of honest home-grown goodness and hands-on education.  Fair is a place where the values of hard-work and integrity are still just as important as market-share and return on investment.

The beauty is that fair offers something for everyone.  Machines with power and force; athleticism showcasing grace and control; animals on display testing patience with understanding; sweet savory samplings to tempt and delight … Are you ready to join us?

The Kent County Youth Fair is here – August 9 -14 in fact.  Find us this year in the Children’s Barnyard or appreciating the club booths or talking with friends or eating elephant ears or … just come down, we’ll be there.  Take a peek at their website before you go though for all the details:

See ya at Fair!