Faith Higbee

Many companies and individuals speak of community involvement and compassion.  While an endearing goal and value, how far does the commitment go?  Hopefully as you learn more about Awareness Home Funding you see that this is so much more than mere words.  We thought that introducing our staff to you might help.

To that end, we will periodically share the floor with each of our staff members while they introduce themselves and what giving back means to them.  First up is … well, just read on.

Alo! That’s “hello” in Creole and although I’m not fluent in the language quite yet, I have flashcards at home to prove my attempt. My name is Faith Higbee and I work at Awareness Home Funding; by this time next month, I’ll be traveling with a Missions Team to Haiti for a week to visit the orphaned babies, help distribute food and try my hand at carpentry. People are my passion and helping is my goal, cliché as it may sound. Needless to say, upon finding out that Awareness Home Funding is a leader in outreach programs, I was eager to join the team. Their unique fund raising programs donate $250 to an organization of choice with each home loan that’s closed. Such a charitable act is a tough one to follow and hit close to home as a Hospice volunteer.

For the past year, I’ve acted as a companion volunteer to the elderly and terminally ill. Some people may say that it’s no easy feat but I love what I do. In all honesty, I take more from my experiences with patients that I visit than I would ever imagine them to. The feeling is monumental and their stories are instant classics! Little more is humbling than to sit at someone’s bedside as they speak about their life’s beginnings while experiencing their end. For me, it’s been illuminating. My first patient once told me a phrase that still sticks with me: “If I make it to Heaven before you do, I’ll poke a little hole and help pull you through.” Although quite the tearjerker, it’s just one of many reasons why I volunteer my time and stay motivated for future endeavors. If life is about lessons, I want my share of mine.


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