Timing is Everything

Timing is everything.  When should you launch a new product?  When do you reveal the punch line of a joke?  When is the time to ask for help?  The answers to these questions have a direct impact on your desired results.

Are you looking for the perfect time to implement a new fund raiser or promotion?  Let us put your concerns to rest and assure you that now is the perfect time.  In fact, any time is a perfect time to use our Awareness Works 4U program.

We donate $250 to organizations like yours every time we close a home loan – purchase or refinance.  We give you the discretion to use the $250 based on your timing and needs.

Most non-profit organizations have 1 or 2 major fund-raisers each year they rely on to fund their annual budgets.  Our program is the perfect addition to any promotion.  Successful groups also know that they need consistent contributions throughout the year to keep programs running efficiently.  Our program is the perfect ‘filler’ between major events to keep your name in front of your supporters. 

The Awareness Works 4 U program is easy, effortless, efficient, engaging, energizing, empowering, effective and timely.  Do not waste another day.  Contact us now and start taking advantage of this innovative approach to support your goals.  Let us earn your trust.

866-98-AWARE or ContactUs@AwarenessHomeFunding.com


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