Everyone Wins With More

The base of support for most non-profit organizations is comprised of two similar, yet very distinct groups.  The first group covers about 15% of your members that fund nearly 85% of your annual budget.  The second group contains 85% of your members providing the remaining 15%, an equally important part of your support.  However, what if you could empower the 85% majority to significantly increase their overall level of giving without increasing their personal donations?

Our Awareness Works 4 U program can do just that.  The only requirement to receiving a $250 donation from us is for a client to mention your name when asked.  The power of a suggestion to a relative, friend or colleague never had more impact.  You have just given anyone associated with your program a painless way to raise more money, without you having to ask for more.  Talk about a win-win-win situation!

You win because your supporters now have another reason to tell others about you. Our clients win with a great home loan experience.  The community wins because we have pooled our resources to make it a better place for everyone.

Let us give your supporters a new reason to share you with others today.  Contact us today!

866-98-AWARE or ContactUs@AwarenessHomeFunding.com


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