What’s in Our Fine Print

We have a rather unique approach to helping non-profit organizations in the communities we serve.  While we are not the first mortgage company to help others, we do put a new spin on the topic.   Allow us to tell you exactly how the Awareness Works 4 U program works – the proverbial fine print details.

So let us be perfectly clear.   

  • There are no enrollment, association or fees of any kind.
  • There will be no requests for names of your members or supporters.
  • There are no crazy, complicated requirements or limited time offers.
  • There will be no extra effort required on your part.

You simply need to keep doing what you are doing now because the Awareness Works 4 U program is: 

  • adaptable with your current efforts.
  • timely with your current schedule.
  • seamless with your ongoing connections to your supporters.

The Awareness Works 4 U program offers: 

  • articles for your newsletters.
  • flyers for your mailings.
  • links for your websites.
  • ads for your emails.
  • proven pieces for you to use or something created just for you.

Clearing any doubt, we hope you have found something fine in our print.  Contact us today (866-98-AWARE or www.AwarenessWorks4U.com).  We look forward to partnering with your organization and helping your supporters reach your goals.


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