Doing what gets Results

There seems to be some odd consistencies to fund raising campaigns.  One common routine is to buy product, sell it, deliver the items, collect payment and then send 50% or more of the proceeds back to the original source.  Another equally popular approach is to expend a massive amount of time, energy and upfront money to try and organize a bunch of adults to participate in a single task while simultaneously having fun. 

Ironically, we then sit back and often wonder why our results are not more profitable?  If the goal of raising funds is to net as much profit as possible, why do we keep basically doing the same thing?  That sounds like the definition of insanity. 

What about a new approach that costs nothing, requires none of your time or energy, adapts to your business model and produces proven results?  The Awareness Works 4 U program delivers a $250 donation every time we close a home loan for one of your supporters.  The next time you pass some information along to your supporters, tell them about Awareness Home Funding. 

Contact us today.  Stop the insanity and start getting results.


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