Okay, now what?

So you have embarked upon one of the joys of life – purchasing a home.  Now if you have done this before, you are aware of the process.  However, if this is your first home, at this point you may be wondering what on earth you just stepped into.  Between the foreign terminology, the mysterious path of steps to closing your loan, and the bevy of documents you now need to find, confusion is perhaps the least of your concerns.

 As cliché as this may sound, relax and take a deep breath.  This is why you work with someone with experience – both in the industry and in being in your shoes before.  Our staff of professionals are here to help, and to hold you hand along the way – figuratively and literally – if needed. 

Here are some simple steps of the process:

1)     Contact a Home Loan Specialist at Awareness Home Funding to review your financing options and to get the process moving.

2)     With your Real Estate Agent, schedule a home inspection.

3)     Your Home Loan Specialist will order title insurance.

4)     With the inspections complete and acceptable, an appraisal is ordered.

5)     Shop for Home Owner’s insurance.

6)     Receive and review your home loan approval and prepare to close on your new home.

7)     Transfer the utilities into your name.

8)     Celebrate, you are a new home owner!

9)     Tell us about your favorite non-profit organization.

10) Tell others about your engaging experience with Awareness Home Funding.

Our website www.awarenessworks4u.com has more information on these steps, home ownership, and other aspects of home loans. Visit today and let us help you reach your goals.


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