A New Paradigm in Fund Raising

Raising funds for any organization is a challenge.  The energy and effort it takes for planning, implementing, motivating and follow-up of most fund-raisers is unbelievable.  However, we also understand the passion, drive and financial support it takes to keep your organization going.  Our Awareness Works 4 U program can help you with this daily need.

How do we do this?  With every home loan we close Awareness Home Funding donates $250 to our clients’ favorite non-profit organization.  Whether they are purchasing a home or refinancing, we ask everyone one, every time about their favorite organization.  After their home loan closes, you could be that organization who receives the $250 to use as your group needs.

What do you have to do? Let your supporters know about this opportunity and encourage them to talk about it with their family, friends and co-workers.  Anyone who may be buying a home or refinancing a home loan can participate and benefit you.

How else do we help?  First, Awareness Home Funding is competitively priced to continually offer high value to our clients and support to our charitable partners.  Second, our staff provides an impressive level of personal service to ensure a great home loan experience.  You and your supporters will not be disappointed.

How do you start?  Simply visit our website (http://awarenessworks4U.com) or call us toll-free at 866-98-AWARE (866-982-9273).  We will earn your trust with honest answers and put you in control of sharing our program.  It is that simple.  We look forward to adding your organization to our growing list of partnerships.


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